What We Do
“Soil construction is the only area of construction conducted by assumptions and trial & error compromise”

ESOL is an elite geo-civil consulting group that solves historical deficiencies in the design and construction of earthen fills supporting infrastructure developments, and brings significant business value to owners, designers, builders, concessionaires and the “smart compactor” industry. ESOL fills historical gaps between the geotechnical sector and the designers and builders in the industry. Due to these gaps, designers and builders have no reliable ability to control soil construction and build infrastructure fills to design requirements. ESOL provides that unprecedented ability and solves the most pervasive and costly problems plaguing design and construction. ESOL has successfully served hundreds of projects across the nation. (See Problem & Solution)

ESOL provides full control of the design, construction and verification of soil construction - like the industry does with reinforced concrete

Historically, designers and builders have relied on assumptions and trial & error compromise in fill design and construction. Though inadvertent, these process conditions serve as the primary source of the greatest problem in infrastructure. These conditions escalate construction costs and result in ground movement from strength loss, settlements, and shrink swell problems. ESOL corrects these deficiencies, and solves these core problems which prevail today:

These ground movement problems drive the performance and maintenance warranties in construction contracts, and the heavily litigated earth movement exclusions in CGL (commercial general liability) policies carried by construction contractors. ESOL solves this with the performance, cost and liability controls all parties need by replacing the assumptions and compromise with site-specific determinations and verification. ESOL solves the primary source of the majority of the historic ground movement problems in infrastructure. ESOL also fills a critical gap in the use of “smart compactors.”

ESOL gives owners, designers and builders unprecedented control over the foundations of their projects -- by replacing process assumptions with determinations and verification -- in the everyday design and construction of infrastructure fills.

Historically, the geotechnical sector determines or assumes how strong fills need to be, but does not provide connection or control for that in construction. Instead, design engineers are inadvertently provided with process control assumptions that, in reality, prevent achievement of design requirements in construction. Design requirements not achieved as believed include strength stability, permeability requirements, and shrink-swell control. These assumptions also cause process control problems during construction, which impedes production. ESOL fills this gap without changing industry compaction standards or affecting geotechnical testing services. ESOL provides total solution of the compaction control problems that plague the industry. See typical project results compared to the results of all other projects.

  • ESOL directly serves owners, regulatory agencies, design firms, environmental firms, architects, contractors, design-build firms, geotechnical firms, concessionaires, construction managers, insurance companies, and the construction litigation bar.
  • ESOL indirectly serves all compactor manufacturers and fills critical gaps in the “smart compactor” industry.
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