“... ESOL resolves the greatest problem in infrastructure - for all parties and stakeholders ...”
“... standards of practice are achieved in every area of construction except for the fill elements of infrastructure foundations ...”

ESOL compliments all project teams, serves all parties without conflict, and does not compete with geotechnical, civil, or environmental engineers in the industry. ESOL provides and fully insures the controls needed for the design and construction of fills, and subcontracts or utilizes others for lab and field testing services. ESOL also trains, certifies and licenses other qualified firms for access to engineering tools providing the same abilities in their own practices.

Bottom-line benefits include:

  • Typical deficiencies of infrastructure fill construction are remedied
  • Typical deficiencies of environmental containment fills are remedied
  • Stable foundations and pavements - maximal service life
  • Corrected seepage control fills
  • Reduction and minimization of ground risk: the greatest and most critical risk in construction
  • Fill construction without inadvertent engineering compromise
  • Higher production in fill construction
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Reduced and minimized or eliminated maintenance & repair costs
  • Full control for all of the varied needs and interests of owners, engineers and contractors
  • Best possible construction control and performance records with direct data verification

Breakdowns of specific benefits are outlined for each customer, party, surety and beneficiary listed to the left.

“Advancing Industry, Improving Economy, and Bettering our World” ®