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ESOL is an elite geo-civil consulting group, specializing in the design and construction of civil and environmental earthen fills. ESOL fills historical industry gaps between the geotechnical sector and the designers and builders. By that, ESOL provides unprecedented controls and solutions to the costly problems with the fill elements of infrastructure - before, during and after construction. ESOL solves the historic compaction control problem in soil construction, the greatest source of ground risk in infrastructure, the primary source of the historic ground movement problems below infrastructure, and the perpetual performance vs. production problem in fill construction. See our Service Assurances. See typical construction results of our projects compared to all other projects.

ESOL's services deliver unprecedented solutions and tremendous value to owners, designers, builders and concessionaires:

  • Design, construction and verification of infrastructure fills - like we do with reinforced concrete
  • Unprecedented construction control and cost savings - before, during and after construction
  • Serves all shallow foundation infrastructure, and corrects all fill elements including civil structural fills, in-situ replacement/re-compaction fills, environmental protection fills and seepage control fills
  • Remedies the historic production problems in earthwork construction, solves the primary earth movement problem, removes ground risk, and mitigates excessive maintenance, repair and damage costs
  • Construction records demonstrate best possible construction performance with real-time control and direct data proof, providing the ultimate insurance and liability protection, for all parties
  • Total solution for all parties without changing engineering practice or any of the various process control methods used today
  • ESOL also fills critical gaps in the “smart compactor” industry

Our Services

ESOL provides the following services for all parties in the civil and environmental industries:

  • Design Phase Services
  • Fill Design Consulting Services
  • Fill Construction Control Reports
  • Compaction Control Specifications
  • Geotechnical Project Management
  • Geotechnical Design-Build Services
  • Construction Phase Services
  • Borrow-Construction Cost Optimization Reports
  • Construction Bid and Work Plan Services
  • Compaction Control Services
  • Production-Performance Consulting Services
  • Geotechnical Design-Build Services
  • Conflict Resolution Services
  • Geotechnical Project Management
  • Bid Phase Services
  • Pre-Bid Services
  • Construction Bid and Work Plan Services
  • Geotechnical Project Management
    • Conflict Resolution Services
      • Forensic Services
        • Litigation Support Services
          • Training, Certification, and Licensure of Qualified Engineering Firms
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