Construction Contractors

Construction contractors need assurance of functional compaction specifications in order to have control over fill production, like contractors do in all other areas of construction. Contractors also need minimal risk of claims and call-backs. Only the engineering assumptions used in process controls for the construction of foundation fills jeopardize these needs. ESOL resolves the typical process control deficiencies and minimizes subgrade risks. ESOL fulfills these needs and gives contractors unprecedented control, with the following benefits:

  • Typical process control deficiencies of subgrade fill construction are remedied
  • Maximal production in fill construction (without compromise)
    • Minimized or eliminated moisture conditioning needs
    • Expanded moisture working range
    • Expanded soil working range
    • Match compactors with borrow sources
    • Effective process controls in fill construction without assumptions or trial & error exercises
    • No more inadvertent engineering compromise forced in fill construction
    • Known controls before construction
    • Real-time control
    • Control on the fly with soil or compactor changes
  • Real-time control and as-built records demonstrating best possible construction/control based on direct data verification and standard engineering science
  • Design/agency compaction standards achieved in construction with direct data verification/records
  • Design strength & stability requirements achieved in construction with direct data verification/records
  • Cost/schedule/performance risk removed from area of highest construction risk
  • Minimized warranty risk (e.g., no settlement guarantees, maintenance & repair warranties, etc.)
  • Secure ability to establish and promote for competitive separation, a company standards policy assuring stable foundations for all of your infrastructure construction projects and protection against the greatest problem in infrastructure today (strength loss, settlements and shrink-swell problems from moisture change)
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