“Smart Compactor” Industry

ESOL fills a critical gap in the “smart compactor” industry, which makes smart compactors complete.

All compactors work well. The problem is the engineering industry makes it look like compactors don't work well.

Because of industry assumptions used for process controls, the geotechnical sector inadvertently requires the constructors to compact differently than the mechanical performance of the compactors they use in construction. This dysfunction forces the trial & error exercises which cause the inadvertent compromise and production problems in construction. The production problems have been so great for so long and with no solution in sight, the construction industry pushed for solutions from compactor makers which led to formation of the “smart compactor” industry. This industry has evolved into an industry of perpetual R&D as the problem source and effects remain unresolved.

The impetus of the smart compactor industry is to solve the production conflicts while satisfying engineering requirements in construction. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in the industry over the past 30 years or so, and the R&D continues. Today, there are several benefits of smart compactors. However, there are also critical gaps with smart compactors which fall short of the production solution needed, undermine engineering requirements, and increase ground risk. ESOL fills these gaps - making smart compactors complete - and thus provides total solution for the engineering and production control needs in construction and the smart compactor industry.

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