Signature Advances

Site-Specific Compaction Energy® (SSCE®) is ESOL's signature advance. SSCE® is a true breakthrough and engineering solution that unites standard engineering science and practice. SSCE® determines the compaction performance for any combination of compactor, soil and lift thickness.

Compaction energy is the master variable in soil compaction. With SSCE®, energy transfer, energy type, all soil index properties, minerology, moisture content, confinement conditions, compaction efficiency, and compaction results can all be linked with determinable relations. SSCE® tools determine, before construction, all compaction results including lift specific moisture-density relations, compaction states, and all compacted properties.

This is why SSCE® is so critical to determining compaction performance for both design and construction. SSCE® gives engineers the controls they need for design requirements, and gives contractors the controls they need for construction. Both parties are given the real-time control and direct-data verification they need during construction.

SSCE® is a true advance which utilizes and does not deviate from standard engineering science. SSCE® also factors and thus does not conflict with our standard unit weight relationships. SSCE® enables all process control methods used today, to function in accordance with standard dry-unit weight relations. Process control efforts today - all based on assumptions - usually conflict with our standard dry-unit weight relations, and always conflict with compactor performance.

“There is no need to trust any software - only the direct data proof”

Unlike other software used in the industry, SSCE® is not something that needs to be “trusted.” SSCE® tools are proven in real-time, by direct-data verification from routine monitoring and testing in construction.

“Advancing Industry, Improving Economy, and Bettering our World” ®