ESOL's Service Assurances

ESOL assures the following services provided for the design and construction of cohesive infrastructure fills and the primary source of ground risk:

ESOL Assurance General Industry Status
1 Industry compaction standards achieved in construction with real-time control Not achieved today
2 Required engineering design properties achieved in construction Unknown, deficient today
3 Long term stability of engineering properties - best possible Not achieved today
4 Maximal, long term shrink-swell control Not achieved today
5 Minimized permeability, achievement of environmental liner standards Not achieved today
6 All proven by direct data verification and standard engineering science Proven deficient today by routine monitoring data
7 Reduced and minimized ground risk Greatest risk in infrastructure
8 Maximal production/minimal construction costs without engineering compromise Inadvertent compromise, lower production - all projects
9 Prevention of major construction delays Common occurrence today
10 Best possible compaction control records Deficient today
11 Best possible construction performance records Deficient today
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