Earthen fills support most of our civil infrastructure, including waste containment facilities. Most infrastructure is founded by some percentage of fills, base fills, replacement fills and backfills. Over many decades now engineers and contractors have operated with many assumptions when designing and constructing earthen fills. These assumptions force engineers and contractors into trial & error exercises in their process controls, which inadvertently compromises engineering and hinders construction. As a result, engineers and contractors have not been able to design and build earthen fills to meet engineering requirements knowingly or cost-effectively. Consequently, earthen fills are the only element of construction built with

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SSCE® solutions:
  • Unprecedented control that:
    • stabilizes strength during moisture change
    • eliminates saturation settlements
    • minimizes/controls shrink-swell
    • minimizes permeability
    • minimizes moisture content potential
  • Construction:
    • Minimized or eliminated needs to change moisture during construction
    • Expanded moisture ranges for construction
    • Expanded soil ranges for construction
    • No more assumptions or trial & error exercises
    • Minimized or eliminated lift reworks
    • Maximal production in fill construction
    • Reduced construction costs
    • Real-time control with direct data verification
  • Results:
    • Best possible construction performance records - proven by direct data verification records
    • Stabilized foundations & pavements
    • Corrected environmental and seepage control fills
    • Minimized or eliminated maintenance & repair costs after construction, long term
    • Minimized or eliminated E&C risk before, during and after construction
    • Solution to the greatest problem in infrastructure
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Fill Volume Conversions

Solving the Greatest Problem in Infrastructure

ESOL removes the assumptions and trial & error exercises from the engineering and construction of infrastructure fills:

  • giving owners, designers and builders the business controls they need
  • serving all process control methods used in the industry
  • achieving our standards of practice
  • protecting construction liabilities & warranties
  • reducing construction costs
  • solving the greatest problem in infrastructure

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